Our Long National Nightmare May Soon End as Rumors of New NFL CBA Deal is “Close”

 Twitter was abuzz, people were staying at work late and folks all gathered around the TV. Was there another moon landing? Osama’s body found at the bottom of the ocean? No.

People were genuinely excited as news has started to trickle out that our precious NFL season, may indeed be saved without missing any games.

For the first time since the lockout, all 32 NFL team owners have been meeting throughout the day to discuss the terms of the proposed Collective Bargaining Agreement. What will basically happen is that the owners will debate the key terms and if the majority agrees, this new CBA will then be presented to the players on either Thursday or Friday.

What are the details of the new CBA? Well for starters, no 18 game schedule (still negotiable), players get 48% of all revenue (without the initial $1B that was taken first by the owners before any revenue was shared), rookie pay scale and Thursday night games to occur weekly starting in 2012.

There are many more details to all this. Hit the title/read more to continue reading on a possible new NFL CBA…


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New CBA Details Proposed
According to ESPN‘s Chris Mortensen, John Clayton and Adam Schefter

• Players get 48 percent of “all revenue.”
• Players’ share will never dip below 46.5 percent, under new formula being negotiated.
• Teams required to spend close to 100 percent of the salary cap.
 • Rookie wage scale part of deal but still being “tweaked.”
• Four years needed for unrestricted free-agent status. Certain tags will be retained, but still being discussed.
• 18-game regular season designated only as negotiable item and at no point is mandated in deal.
• New 16-game Thursday night TV package beginning in 2012.
• Owners still will get some expense credits that will allow funding for new stadiums.
• Retirees to benefit from improved health care, pension benefits as revenue projected to double to $18 million by 2016.

Some of the key points I like is the Rookie Wage Scale, benefits for retired players and no 18 game schedule. These needed to be addressed for both the financial and health of the game in the future.

I’m not too sure how I feel about a Thursday night game every week. Of course we as fans won’t have to wait from Monday to Sunday for NFL action, but traditionally those games are thought of as “prime time games” which  should include some tough matchups. Everyone who can do basic math will know that any teams playing on Sunday will an extremely low amount of time to mentally and physically recover.

While as a greedy NFL fan, I’m not opposed to this change but the NFL is going to have to take great measure in the scheduling of who plays who and at what time of the year.

What will be a chaotic mess is Free Agency; if/when the CBA is agreed upon.

Provided both sides agree to the terms within the rumored 2 weeks from now, free agency would start in mid July with camps and preseason beginning on time but “all players whose contracts have expired and have four or more years of experience are expected to be unrestricted free agents, sources familiar with the talks told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter. Certain tags will be retained but that still is being discussed.” Shutdown Corner compiled a list of the best players that would fall under this free agency situation to include names like WR Sidney Rice, CB Johnathan Joseph, RB DeAngelo Williams and CB Anotnio Cromartie.

To give a good example, its as Mike Freeman of CBS Sportsline put it: “NFL Free Agency will be like throwing a Kardashian in the middle of a NBA locker room”.

As much as we have seen both sides point fingers and go back and worth, this is the first time since negotiating has began that a deal is both likely and soon. Because frankly, both sides have to agree quick in order to start the season on time.

And when the season starts again, I think I will be one of MANY fans that will take it as far as to throw a party. The timing of this deal getting done would create an excitement for the season among fans the likes of which we have never seen if fans are gathered around a TV to hear a rumor of the near end of this mess.

Check out ESPN’s coverage on the topic in the video below….


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