NFL Female Fan Series: Erica Bennett with the Jaguars


By now, most NFL fans know of the enormous female following that the sport has. Which is why we at GuysGirl reached out via various social networks to recognize the real female fans that are tailgating in the elements, attending the games, and rooting their team on in good times and bad.

Females all across the country have shared their stories on how they became a NFL fan, what their favorite moments have been watching their team and even if they could ever date a guy who wasn’t a football fan.

Next in the series, we are touching base with Erica Bennett who was also one of our MLB Featured Fans for the Texas Rangers. While its been a rough season for the Jags, that doesn’t stop Erica from supporting the team and showing up to the games as one of our best dressed ladies. Read on to see why she hearts the Jags and the Cowboys.


Erica Bennett

Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Favorite Team: Dallas Cowboys/Jacksonville Jaguars
Twitter: @ericabennett


GUYSGIRL: How long have you been a NFL fan? Where did your passion start?

Erica: I’ve been a football fan since about 5. Growing up in Texas, it doesn’t take long to learn football is life…and that Friday-Sunday away from a stadium is absurd. My passion started from watching my older brother play and hearing the stories of my Dad’s state championship in 1975. In my house, there were football books and chronicles of Texas legends. Hard not to become a fan.


How do you watch your favorite team?

For the Cowboys, I have to watch on TV…usually at home.
For the Jags, I’m almost always at EverBank rocking some black and teal! There’s nothing like hearing the roar of the crowd and cheering in person.


What is your favorite thing about football season?

The smell of the crisp fall air.


What team do you hate the most?

New York Giants. They’re the Cowboys rival, plus they talk a lot of junk.


Would you ever date someone who wasn’t a NFL fan? What if they were an avid fan of your most hated rival?

I could date someone who loved a rival team, but NOT someone who doesn’t like football at all. That’s a crazy concept to me, and not one I’m willing to compromise. It would be too weird when I want to watch and go to games all the time.

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What is your fondest memory about your favorite team?

The Cowboys during the 90′s. Michael Irvin. Emmit Smith. Troy Aikman. Moose Johnston. Texas Stadium. They brought pride to the city and made fans feel like they were a part of the Championships. It was a great time to sport the star.


What is the greatest moment as a fan that you have ever experienced?

Mmmmm…this is tough to narrow down, but I really enjoyed the Jaguars win over the Ravens in the 2011 season. Not many people thought they could pull it off under the Monday Night lights, but they did, and it was exciting. My fondest tradition of all time is watching High School playoff games in Texas Stadium (usually the day after Thanksgiving). Me, my parents and extended family would bundle up, stock up on hot dogs and soda and cheer until we were hoarse. Texas Stadium is no more, and I haven’t lived in Dallas in years…but it seems like yesterday.


What is your favorite game to play while tailgating/watching a football game

Cornhole, believe it or not.


What is best food you have ever had at a football game/sports bar/friend’s house while a football game is on?

Buffalo wings. Hands down.

Erica Bennett: Fan of the Jaguars
What is your drink of choice while watching a football game?



What is your favorite thing wear to a football game?

Jeans, team shirt, cute earrings, shades.


If you can only take three things into a football game, what would they be and why?

Cell phone, lip gloss and a hat. Must be able to text and tweet updates, have moisturized lips, and keep the sun off of me. For whatever reason, my face burns easily on really hot days.


Do you play fantasy football at all? If so, how long have you been playing and what do you like most about it?

I didn’t play this year, but my friends got me on board last year. I love talking trash week after week and having control of my team and benching/starting who I want. Makes me feel like a boss.


BIG thanks to Erica for joining our Female Fan Series. Just for answering, she was entered into our contest for a free Football Emergency Kit that will be awarded at the end of the 2012 regular season.

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