Movers and Shakers: NFL Week 15 Power Rankings

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(Won-Loss Record and Last Week’s Ranking in parentheses)

1.   New England Patriots (10-3) (3) – Admit it.  Every year it’s only a matter of time before they’re here.

2.  Houston Texans (11-2) (1) – They’re probably gonna take that ass-whipping out on the Colts.  I pity the Colts.

3.  Denver Broncos (10-3) (5) – Peyton Manning on offense; Von Miller on defense.  THIS is the team no one wants to play.

4.  Atlanta Falcons (11-2) (2) – Beating the Giants would be their statement win of the season heading into the playoffs.

5.  San Francisco 49ers (9-3-1) (6) – The Pats next high profile victim?

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6.  Green Bay Packers (9-4) (7) – Going through that division like a hot knife through butter.

7.  Baltimore Ravens (9-4) (4) – Now they get the Broncos?  Who did the Ravens piss off in the scheduling office?

8.  Indianapolis Colts (9-4) (10) – If they can beat the Texans one out of two, I’ll be 1000 times more impressed with this team than I am now.

9.  Seattle Seahawks (8-5) (11) – Have to avoid looking ahead to San Francisco.

10.  New York Giants (8-5) (12) – One game lead, and Atlanta and Baltimore on the schedule.  It doesn’t get tougher than that.

11.  Chicago Bears (8-5) (8) – They get one final chance at redemption.  Against the Packers.  Good luck with that.

12.  Pittsburgh Steelers (7-6) (9) – Ben needs to shake off the rust, and quick.

13.  Washington Redskins (7-6) (14) – Relax, his knee is OK.

14.  Dallas Cowboys (7-6) (15) – Keeping themselves in it.

15.  Cincinnati Bengals (7-6) (13) – No more margin for error.

16.  Minnesota Vikings (7-6) (17) – Rozelle’s dream realized:  past the half-way point and I’m not out of playoff contenders yet.

17.  St. Louis Rams (6-6-1) (18) – I am unabashedly rooting for this team to somehow sneak in.  Go Rams!

18.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-7) (16) – Loss to the Eagles finished them.

19.  New York Jets (6-7) (21) – They CAN finish with a winning record.  They WON’T make the playoffs.

20.  New Orleans Saints (5-8) (19) – Put a fork in them.

21.  Cleveland Browns (5-8) (24) – Three in a row for the Brownies.  How ‘bout that?

22.  Miami Dolphins (5-8) (20) – Time to get ready for next year.

23.  San Diego Chargers (5-8) (25) – Win changes nothing.

24.  Buffalo Bills (5-8) (23) – Not much to be optimistic about.

25.  Detroit Lions (4-9) (22) – The secret to their lack of success?  0-5 in their division.

26.  Carolina Panthers (4-9) (28) – They’ve been chasing a win like that all year.

27.  Philadelphia Eagles (4-9) (29) – The Nick Foles era begins in earnest.

28.  Tennessee Titans (4-9) (27) – Do us a favor, beat the Jets so we can stop hearing about their playoff chances.

29.  Arizona Cardinals (4-9) (26) – How the HAEL you lose a game that badly?  No, really, tell me.

30.  Jacksonville Jaguars (2-11) (30) – Down.

31.  Kansas City Chiefs (2-11) (31) – And Out.

32.  Oakland Raiders (3-10) (32) – 370 miles north of Beverly Hills.



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