Colts Cheerleader Plans to Britney Spears her Head for Coach Chuck Pagano

Colts Cheerleader Shave Her Head for Coach Pagano

Most football fans are aware of mid-season announcement by the Colts that their head coach, Chuck Pagano was diagnosed with Leukemia and would have to leave the team temporarily to seek treatment. In honor of their coach, many players (including QB Andrew Luck) all shaved their heads in support of their Coach. Well now, another person has agreed to join that group under one condition and it’s a Colts cheerleader by the name of Megan.

What’s the one condition you ask? All the Colts have to do is raise $10,000 by November 25th for the “Chuckstrong” foundation and Megan will shave her head during the Bills/Colts home game.

My first thought is “wow”. Not only is she shaving her head, but doing so in a public forum is something that would terrify me. As a woman, you are taught from an early age that your hair is very important to who you are. I think it’s pretty darn admirable that Megan offered to do this for a great cause and to do so in a public forum that would undoubtedly persuade others to do the same and see that we’re not just our hair. Bravo Megan.

If you want to watch the video with Megan signing her “offer sheet” to the Colts mascot Blue you can do so here. Or you can skip all that and just head right over to the donation page and do your part to see that this happens.



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Blythe Brumleve

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