Jose Canseco has lost his damn mind; Bounced from Mexican baseball league

 If you follow Jose Canseco on Twitter, you know at times, he can be entertainment gold. But today, he was especially funny with a little bit of crazy mixed in that almost makes me feel sorry for him. Almost.

Canseco, who has been playing for various independent baseball teams for years with the goal of ultimately returning to the Majors (seriously) was dropped from the Mexican Baseball League after refusing to take a drug test.

Canseco openly admits to taking testosterone for a “medical condition” but its also on the list of banned substances for the Mexican league if you don’t have a prescription.

His subsequent banning lead to a barrage of tweets from Canseco basically stating there is a media conspiracy against him, that “haters” will dealt with accordingly and also questions why nobody loves him.

Hit the jump to read the rest of the crazy…

So let me get this straight, Canseco has one of most “derrr” moments in baseball history, sells out his former team mates by writing “Juiced”, has a stint on various reality TV shows where he makes a fool out of himself, tries to have his twin brother perform in a MMA fight in his place and now at 47 years old vows to play again in the MLB. Good luck with that.

Regardless of his education level, today is the reason I am thankful that some athletes like Canseco don’t have a proper PR rep. Here are just some of the tweet gems that came out today…







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Blythe Brumleve

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