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The danger of how the media covered Ryan Lochte’s Olympic mess

During a regular segment on Helmets and Heels dubbed ‘Studs and Duds’, the issue of how Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte has been portrayed were on full display. And if you knew the facts of the story ahead of time, the power of pitchfork social media can be scary. I pride myself on listening to a variety of daily sports podcasts across multiple networks in order to get a well-rounded scope of current topics. So when the Ryan Lochte story of vandalism, lying and disrespecting another country broke last week, it caused an initial feeling of embarrassment and head shaking....

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If your significant other is kicked out of a game, do you follow?

A Giants fan was ejected for interfering with a fair ball. And his disappointed girlfriend followed him. Would you do the same or stay the watch the game? Helmets and Heels debate in this show. Earlier this year, a couple attended the game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and San Fransisco Giants. They had great seats sitting front row just off the 3rd baseline when was looked like a foul ball was hit their way. Except the ball was fair and the guy who leaned over to snag it was promptly kicked out due to a long-standing rule in which...

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