There are 6 available head coaching gigs in the NFL so let’s recap what’s happened in the journey along with previewing the wildcard playoff action this weekend.

PLUS I’m a little slow to this one but I just started watching Game of Thrones so I’ll be recapping the first season…and holy shit it’s a great show. All this and more in the latest GuysGirl Show.



The NFL head coaching searches are still underway and we recap you on the latestย  news and rumors.




The starting lineup for the puppy bowl has been released. Take a look at all the cuteness here.

And my personal favorite:puppy bowl 2017


FTW interviewed a few different cleat artists that are coming up. Check it out here.

And the two Instagram profiles I mentioned in the show can be found at Illustrative Cre8ions and KO Brand Kikasso


Amazon partners up with Goodwill so you can make use of all those empty boxes. Check out the Give Back Box program here.


Fan starts a petition to get Princess Leia recognized as a real Disney princess. If you like petitions, you can sign it here.


Game of Thrones season one recap

I just started watching this show (I know, I know) but so far it’s incredible. As I finish each season, I plan on adding recaps to each GuysGirl podcast until I get caught up with the rest of the world.

And if you’d like to revisit season one, check out the following video:


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