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GuysGirl Show: Sports viewership down, Jaguars losing mentality, Christmas shopping and RIP TNF?

Sports viewership among millennials is down significantly compared to every other demographic. Also, let’s talk about the mental stability of the Jaguars locker room, avoiding Christmas shopping and RIP to Thursday Night Football?

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Sip champagne and shop from your bed with GuysGirl’s gift ideas that don’t suck

Most Christmas shopping guides are terrible. Which is why we’re setting the screen so you can dunk on your cousin who thinks she got the best Secret Santa gift with our first ever guide to gifts that don’t suck.

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Olivia Munn the cause of Aaron Rodgers struggles? PLUS Jalen Ramsey cries on sideline and Fantastic Beasts review

Is it fair to blame Packers QB Aaron Rodgers for his troubles on the field squarely on girlfriend Olivia Munn? This plus Jalen Ramsey feels the pain of Jag fans, Amazon to stream live sports, Fantastic Beasts review and more in the latest show.

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Will the Jaguars sing the Motown blues against Matt Stafford’s Lions?

The Jacksonville Jaguars are facing off against the Detroit Lions in the Motor City where we see how two similar QB’s are drastically different with their play in the 4th quarter.

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GuysGirl Show: Jaguars selling opposing team merch, Kate Upton, Fantastic Beasts + More

On the latest GuysGirl Show, we discuss the Jaguars angering their diehard fanbase by selling opposing team merchandise inside the stadium. Plus Kate Upton standing up for her Cy Young-less boyfriend, Harvard’s soccer team getting suspended over something ridiculous, Kellogg’s cinnamon frosted flakes, Nintendo news, Fantastic Beasts AND MOAR

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How historic was Conor McGregor’s win at Madison Square Garden for UFC 205?

With the first ever MMA card ever at Madison Square Garden, the UFC needed to make this an epic event. And when you need to make history, who do you call? You call Conor MFing McGregor.

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How do you get over bad football losses? + Biggest stories on the internet you need to know about

TLDR SHOW INFO How do you deal with bad football losses? Not the kind where you lose one big game but facing losing season after losing season for a long period of time.  I faced that challenge after another shitty Jaguars season where I have to decide if I want to...
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Kickoff Show talks ‘Battle of Questionable Quarterback Play’ for Texans vs. Jaguars on 1010xl

Houston Texans travel to Jacksonville Jaguars in a competition of underwhelming quarterback play. Can these guys step up to earn a W for their teams?

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Biggest NFL games this weekend, Political rant PLUS @JaymeLamm interview on latest show

In the latest GuysGirl Show, Jayme Lamm of ‘The Blonde Side’ joins us. PLUS we talk NFL Week 10 gambling picks, political rants and Veteran’s Day.

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Penguin Love Triangles and @SullyFootball breaks down Jags/Chiefs + NFL Playoff Picture

Twitter famous @SullyFootball recaps Jaguars-Chiefs and shares his outlook on the NFL playoff picture outside of the Cowboys and Patriots. PLUS the 6 stories in sports you need to know with a bonus penguin love triangle.

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