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Why you should use Harry Potter inspiration for your first cosplay

Deciding on your first cosplay can seem like a daunting step. After all, it’s not every day you get to walk around in full costume. But if you’ve been on the fence about it, here’s why you should use the Harry Potter movies as inspiration for your...
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Why the Raiders will overtake the Super Bowl Champs in the AFC West

The AFC West will not be the best division in football. And it certainly won’t be the most interesting division. But it may very well be the strangest division anyone’s seen in quite a while. Your defending Super Bowl champions in the Denver Broncos will start unknown...
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4 easy ways to prep for your fantasy football draft

Preseason football is well underway and real college games start next week. So that can only mean one thing…. Fantasy draft season is here! While some have been prepping weeks in advance for their draft, most scramble at the last minute to find suitable...
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The danger of how the media covered Ryan Lochte’s Olympic mess

During a regular segment on Helmets and Heels dubbed ‘Studs and Duds’, the issue of how Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte has been portrayed were on full display. And if you knew the facts of the story ahead of time, the power of pitchfork social media can be...
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Jaguars safety Josh Evans talks football, Tim Tebow and more on ‘Helmets and Heels’

Jaguars safety Josh Evans joins Helmets and Heels to talk the challenges of entering his 4th season with the team, guilty pleasures and if he thinks former teammate Tim Tebow has a shot making a Major League Baseball team. We also get into a heated debate on Ryan...
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Power Rankings for every NFL team entering the regular season

Welcome back, NFL!  As a sort of appetizer, here’s your preseason version of the Power Rankings. As always, the beginning of the year’s rankings carry over from last year’s regular season, before the playoffs. Enjoy and hope this whets your appetite for some...
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Is the NFC East the NFL’s worst division?

There’s really no doubt this year that the NFC East is football’s worst division.  Lacking any real contention power at the top, the division speaks mediocrity top to bottom.  In one sense it’s a “toss-up” in that no one team is good enough to seize control and front...
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The Breakaway: Debating Ryan Lochte's treatment by the media

Ryan Lochte is no road scholar. But his treatment by the media following ‘BathroomGate’ is a dangerous part of our social media pitchfork society.
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H&H: Jaguars Josh Evans, Ryan Lochte debate and best tailgating games

Jaguars safety Josh Evans joins the show and talks the challenges of entering his 4th season on the team, guilty pleasures and if he thinks former teammate Tim Tebow has a shot in Major League Baseball. We also get into a heated debate on Ryan Lochte and the best...
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OSU National Champ + Jags Michael Bennett Joins the Show

OSU’s — excuse me — THE Ohio State University’s DT Michael Bennett was drafted in the sixth round of the 2015 draft by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Bennett joined the ladies of Helmets and Heels live at Whiskey Jax alongside THE Jax Buckeyes Club to talk...
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