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GuysGirl Podcast: Shows, Times, Where to Listen and Watch

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First look at Nintendo Switch and what to expect from the new console

Nintendo hasn’t been a console that is considered a must-buy in years. But with the new trailer for Nintendo Switch dropping today, that will change very soon. As in right fucking now.

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Sure, the Jaguars won. But can this team really be trusted? This + more on latest ‘Helmets and Heels’

The Jaguars secured their second win of the season against a shitty Chicago Bears team. But can this team keep it up or should we just take our win and be happy about it?

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Live bloggin’ the Chicago Bears vs. Jacksonville Jaguars Kickoff Show

Jacksonville Jaguars fly to take on the Chicago Bears in a battle of who sucks the least. Will Blake Bortles lead the team to victory? Who the hell knows with this team. Luckily, we’re sponsored by Tito’s Vodka to help with the pain.

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Everything we know about Star Wars spinoff ‘Rogue One’

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hits theaters in just a couple months and with the release of the second official trailer, we dive into everything we know about the new spinoff.

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10 Halloween Movies That Will Still Give You Nightmares

In the tradition of my Christmas Movies For People Who Hate Christmas and Infinite Sports Movie Playlist comes my latest collection just in time for Halloween:  my all time 10 favorite horror movies. Like any list, this one is completely subjective, and there are...
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8 Ways to change up your beer pong game

Beer Pong is one of those games that’s a perfect icebreaker for a party or tailgate. As the game has grown in popularity across the country, more variations have begun to pop up. Check out all of the different variations of beer pong you can try at your next...
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Suzy Kolber and Michaela Bradley join ‘Helmets and Heels’

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Drybar Founder Alli Webb tells us why ‘The Blowout’ should be your favorite addiction

Alli Webb, founder of Drybar, explains to GuysGirl why she chose Jacksonville as the first location in Florida to open a new salon specializing in blowouts.

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Jaguars Kickoff Show: Same Story Line. Different Continent

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