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NFL QB parity, Taco Bell’s fried chicken shell, Game of Thrones szn 4-5 Recap

The NFL would like for you to believe that every team has a shot, every season. But if the winning quarterbacks over the weekend prove anything, it’s that that parity is a myth. This plus more playoff talk, Raiders moving to Vegas, Taco Bell’s new concoction and recapping Game of Thrones seasons 4-5!

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New ‘GuysGirl Show’- Chargers ditch San Diego, NFL Playoffs, Tom Coughlin, Nintendo Switch and GOT szns 2-3 recap

The Chargers said goodbye to their fans in San Diego, anticipating an exciting NFL playoff weekend, Tom Coughlin news, Nintendo Switch release and recapping ‘Game of Thrones’ season two and three.

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6 Questions about the Jaguars new football operations team

Jaguars hired Tom Coughlin and Dough Marrone to lead their new football power structure. But how did we get here and what’s next for this new regime? This plus more on the latest ‘GuysGirl Show’.

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GuysGirl Show: NFL playoffs, head coaching searches and ‘Game of Thrones’ Szn 1 recap

The NFL Playoffs of 2017 are kicking off and in the latest show, we tackle the wild card round, head coaching searches and recap Game of Thrones season one.

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Black Monday for NFL Coaches, Mariah Carey’s NYE, Grandma reacts to Star Wars and more on latest ‘GuysGirl Show’

In the NFL, Black Monday is known as the day many head coaches become unemployed. But which job is the most attractive? This plus Mariah Carey, girl who gets dumped right before Christmas, little known facts about Darth Vader and more on the latest ‘GuysGirl Show.”

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The fiery debates of 2016 that has me wondering how I’m still employed

From how Ryan Lochte was covered by the media, the NFL’s mishandling of Josh Brown’s domestic violence case and even caping for Louisville head coach Bobby Petrino, we’ve got the best debates, for better or worse, you loved to listen to over the past 12 months.

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Jaguars finally fire Gus Bradley and we review Star Wars’ Rogue One after seeing it twice on the latest ‘GuysGirl Show’

Jaguars fans can breathe a sigh of relief because the losingest coach in NFL history has now been fired. Along with Gus Bradley and Jaguars franchise future talk, we get into college players saying no to playing in bowl games, Christmas boobs and more.

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Jeff Fisher fired, Lane Kiffin to FAU and Star Wars Rogue One preview on the latest ‘GuysGirl Show’

Well it finally happened. Jeff Fisher was fired from the Rams and Lane Kiffin got another head coaching job and is headed to FAU. Learn why Jeff Fisher’s time was cut shorter than “expected” and why Kiffin’s new gig is actually good news. PLUS IT’S NEW STAR WARS MOVIE WEEK. Let’s preview the new addition to the fam, Rogue One, which hits theaters on Thursday.

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NFL’s Remaining Schedule Might Save Prime Time Ratings

The NFL is entering the crucial make or break playoff time. Check out Week 14 betting lines so you can be prepared for the prime time matchups.

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Sip champagne and shop from your bed with GuysGirl’s gift ideas that don’t suck

Most Christmas shopping guides are terrible. Which is why we’re setting the screen so you can dunk on your cousin who thinks she got the best Secret Santa gift with our first ever guide to gifts that don’t suck.

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