What has Tim Lincecum been smoking?

tim lincecum mexico high

Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal asked a variety of players today “what has been your favorite offseason memory?” to which the former Dazed and Confused dead ringer Tim Lincecum must have enjoyed his time in Mexico with a little herbal medication because his answer to Rosenthal’s questions are an eyebrow raiser….

“Just kind of finding an epiphany toward baseball” [while visiting Mexico]

“Seeing a light that…opened up a whole bunch of exciting feelings in yourself that make the upcoming season right now more of an exclamation point than a question mark.”

“You’re kind of just in touch with yourself, coming into contact with your weaknesses and accepting those weaknesses and knowing how to get out of them, how to work with them”.

Between the quotes that wreak of Ricky Williams and Lincecum’s new “hipster” look. Safe to say smoking weed was the very least he did while in Mexico.

Smoke em’ if you got em’. Or whatever the kids are saying.


H/T Deadspin


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