Happy Friggin’ Thanksgiving: 6 Things GuysGirl is Thankful For

Bored on Thanksgiving? Of course you are. That’s why you’re reading this article while trying to tune out your relatives that swear the country is going to burst into flames because of Obama. Remind them the elections over and point to the food. But until then, let’s share in some entertainment and see what makes us happy here at GuysGirl.

Hint: It includes Hobbits, Christmas sweaters and laughing at the Jaguars.

Happy Friggin Thanksgiving

A Weekend of Great Football and the Looming Fantasy Football Playoffs

Florida State vs. Florida Gators. Notre Dame vs. USC. Watching the Lions and Cowboys embarrass themselves on Thanksgiving again. So many great games this weekend but one thing in particular I am thankful for is that I don’t have to be in a food coma while watching the Jaguars get embarrassed on and off the field. I will save that for Sunday when I plan to be in an alcohol self-induced coma.

Sad Jaguar

Also, with three NFL games going today, make sure to set that lineup in advance because the playoffs are just around the corner!


8 Minute Hobbit Trailer that contains ALL THE TRAILERS.

Since the first release of the Hobbit trailer, there have been several versions released and once ambitious fan has gone through the trouble to piece them all together, in assumed chronological order, to give you a really good preview on how amazingly awesome this movie is going to be. DECEMBER 14TH PEOPLE!


Cute Puppies. Especially Tugger

Did you know that looking at cute animals can increase your productivity? Facts are facts people. So watch the below video of a cute little lab and bam out that Thanksgiving Turkey.


The GuysGirl Readers

Can’t say this enough. But you guys have taken a little template of a blog in 2009 to explosive growth where we have thousands upon thousands of visitors each month. We won’t stop providing you with daily content to get you through the day and  I along with Rob and Adam feel so incredibly humble and grateful that we can spew our opinions out to y’all on a regular basis and you still come back for more. So much so, that it landed us a new deal with soon-to-be household name, Gamedayr, that might love pimpin’ out our stories more than we do. THANK YOU!!

Mindless Entertainment


Whoever Can Tell Me Where to Get This Sweater

Seriously. I want to win at Christmas and this sweater will help. Any help is greatly appreciated and God Bless the awesome person who created it.

Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal Sweater



Our Military

While Walmart and Target workers are complaining about working on the holidays, just remember that countless other professions like the service industry, hospitals etc..all have to work on holidays. With some jobs, it’s every holiday. And that includes our service men and women. As a Toby Keith song once put it “I can’t call in sick on Monday when the weekend’s been too long”. HUGE thanks to the thousands of people who can’t be home on the holidays but they sure as hell ensure that we can enjoy every day with our loved ones here.

Be thankful to them, EVERYDAY!

military thanksgiving



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