Brian Wilson: Hot Because He's Nuts?

Closer for the World Series Champs is a little insane but the ladies like it

Most of you have heard by now that the unlikely champions of the World Series is not on the East Coast.


But our neighbors to the west are now famous for having a team filled with castaways that hardly any teams had interest in. One of those players being the closer for the Giants, Brian Wilson.

Perhaps you have heard of “The Bearded One” in the past few weeks as being eccentric, weird or a little nuts but these could also traits similar to that on a genius level. Before the winning the World Series, Wilson was on Jim Rome and had Rome himself scrambling for what to say.

Wilson, who calls himself a mental assassin and a certified ninja, posted up a record of 1-0, 6 Saves, 0.00 ERA in the World Series. During a post game interview, Wilson was asked how he feels after winning the WS to which he replied “I feel like I wanna rage” while looking into the camera like he would snap your neck at a moment’s notice.

Call me crazy, but that’s a little (or A LOT) hot. Not only do you post up a ridiculous record during the World Series but also be that quick witted and funny to make Jim Rome stumble? Makes me wish baseball season wasn’t over just yet because I would be booking a plane ticket to San Francisco within the week.

This is also the guy who was also fined $1000 earlier this year for “wearing awesome on his feet” when referring to the orange spikes. He later colored the shoes halfway with a sharpie to full fill the league rules but visibly looked upset when Rome brought it up saying they are now only “half as awesome”.

If you want to get a clear picture of how genius this guy is, check out the video below of the complete interview with Jim Rome.

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