2012 A Statement Year for Women in Sports [video]

ESPN W, a section of  the sports media giant that cateres to women’s sports released a video yesterday highlighting all of the significant accomplishments that women athletes earned this year. And boy, is it impressing.

2012 women in sports

I have to admit, being a mainstream sports fan, I was trying to think what this video could highlight that I would actually recognize as witnessing or hearing about.Being that women’s national sports coverage is essentially a joke, what could ESPN have put in their over 3minute highlight video?

The answer?

Gabby Douglas, Serena Williams, Danica Patrick, Sage Steele, Abby Wambach, Pat Summitt, Robin Roberts and Jennie Finch just to name a few.

Not to mention the other significant sports feats accomplished by all these great women in 2012 including the interesting facts that there were more women representing the United States in the Olympics than men and they won a majority of our Gold medals.

As a woman, if watching this video doesn’t fill you with a tremendous amount of pride, you must have ice water for veins. Watch the video below and watch it again. Then, share it with everyone you know.These women deserve it.


Blythe Brumleve

Blythe is an avid sports fan (Jaguars in particular), published author of "A Girl's Guide to Football Fanaticism", won several writing/publishing awards, passionately involved in the crusade to find cute sports clothes, lover of crude comedy, cosplay and internet videos that waste hours in the day.

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