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Welcome to a brand new feature here on GuysGirl: Hot Topics; a weekly recap of the best and brightest stories from the gaming world over the past seven days. I’ll highlight some of the top news items and reviews from the week.


It was a relatively quiet week for the Playstation 3, but for you PS3 aficionados out there, Final Fantasy XIII-2 (so is that Final Fantasy 14 or 26?) received an 8 out of 10 with a rating of “Great” from IGN. The game hits shelves in the US this Tuesday, January 31.

In sadder news, Insomniac Games has announced that it will no longer be working on the Resistance franchise. While the franchise is likely not done, Insomniac will no longer be the studio behind it, much like Bungie with Halo. Insomniac Chief Executive Officer Ted Price said, “Well, we believe that Resistance has reached its logical conclusion in terms of the story we wanted to tell.”

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There was a lot of news on the Xbox front this week as details emerged regarding the successor to the Xbox 360 as well as the first content drop for Modern Warfare 3.

First off, the new Xbox is rumored to be six times more powerful than the Xbox 360 and 20 percent stronger than the Wii U. It will be powered by hardward similar to the AMD Radeon HD 6670. It will offer DirectX 11, 3D, and 1080p. Also, the new system will reportedly feature a Blu-ray drive, so Microsoft is finally abandoning its stubborness and getting with the program after initially supporting the doomed HD-DVD format over Blu-ray. This is huge since one of the big selling points of the PS3 is that it comes with a Blu-ray drive, so the console can double as a DVD player as well as a game system. Plus, Blu-ray discs have a greater storage capacity than traditional DVDs, so they can hold more game content.

There have been reports that the new Xbox will not allow used games to be played on it, but those reports have not been confirmed. How that would even be possible is not known, but if true, it would be highly controversial and would alienate retailers such as Gamestop.

Another rumor floating around is that Microsoft Points, Microsoft’s proprietary purchasing system on Xbox Live, will be eliminated over time. According to Inside Mobile Apps, Microsoft might ditch the points system in favor of traditional cash transactions. Currently, users have to buy blocks of Microsoft Points–500 points are a little over $6– and then use those points to purchase content rather than using cash like iTunes or Amazon. Personally, I don’t mind the points system, but I know a lot of Xbox users are not fond of it.

Some of you Xbox users may have come across a Halo 4 beta registration site, but you should know that it is a fake. 343 Industries, the brains behind Halo 4, has announced that the site was fraudulent, and Microsoft has taken legal action to take over the site. Activision did a similar thing with, so this is not without precedent.


Nintendo’s upcoming successor to the Wii, the Wii U, will be shown in its final form at this year’s E3, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced during an investor’s conference in Japan. Iwata also said that the new console will be launched globally by the 2012 holiday season.

Nintendo also released details regarding its Nintendo Network, the company’s version of Xbox Live and the Playstation Network. The service will offer personal accounts for Wii U, be able to distribute games digitally, and feature downloadable content.

Wii U will also incorporate near-field communication (NFC) technology.

There is also a rumor that Nintendo may change the name of Wii U.

Finally, here’s a cool article about how BioWare writes a Mass Effect game.


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