Monday Morning 12 Pack: Your Cure for the Weekend Hangover

It’s Monday again. You hate it. We hate it. But to help us all get through the morning, we decided to team up with sister-site Thundertreats and give you guys a  little entertainment to get your through the morning until you feel like doing “real work”.

Every week 12 of the internets best stories will be featured in a 6 pack feature on GuysGirl and you finish off that 12 pack by heading over to Thundertreats. Enjoy and remember the hair of the dog is a weekend’s best hangover cure.

Jose Canseco quotes turned into motivational posters…If you follow Jose Canseco on Twitter, you should already assume that his quotes turned into motivational posters is easily the greatest thing to happen this week.

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George Lucas lies to us again.…One of the most annoying scenes in Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull was the opening “survive an atomic bomb just by locking yourself in a fridge”. Well, turns out in a recent scientific study, it was proven that this is not really plausible. I’m wondering if I should be surprised by this? Frankly, I’m not.

Daytona 500 is the perfect place to go people watching….Even though the 500 was postponed due to rain, College Candy was able to round up some of the best pictures of all the “interesting people” that frequent the event. ‘Merica!

Michelle Beadle almost gets nuts to the back of the head.…Say what you want about ESPN but the jewel of the network is SportsNation’s Michelle Beadle. Before the NBA’s All Star Game and Oscar party weekend, Beadle decided to get all glammed up and let a guy named TDub dunk over her head in which she comes dangerously close to getting the guy’s nuts smacked in the back of her head.

Bieber is Nation is pissed…..The little lovable Justin Bieber is not too happy about the new video game that was released called Beaver Fever that features the animal with the head of Justin Bieber himself. I say “please tell me where to purchase this game immediately”.

The Lord of the Rings Family Tree broken down….if you have watched any of the movies (greatest movie franchise EVAAAA imo) you know that the family tree to each species and character can get pretty in depth. Welp, lucky for you, someone took the time to break it all down for you.

Head on over to Thundertreats to get your fill of the rest of the Monday Morning 12 pack…


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