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Jaguars safety Josh Evans talks football, Tim Tebow and more on ‘Helmets and Heels’

Jaguars safety Josh Evans joins Helmets and Heels to talk the challenges of entering his 4th season with the team, guilty pleasures and if he thinks former teammate Tim Tebow has a shot making a Major League Baseball team. We also get into a heated debate on Ryan...
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Power Rankings for every NFL team entering the regular season

Welcome back, NFL!  As a sort of appetizer, here’s your preseason version of the Power Rankings. As always, the beginning of the year’s rankings carry over from last year’s regular season, before the playoffs. Enjoy and hope this whets your appetite for some...
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Is the NFC East the NFL’s worst division?

There’s really no doubt this year that the NFC East is football’s worst division.  Lacking any real contention power at the top, the division speaks mediocrity top to bottom.  In one sense it’s a “toss-up” in that no one team is good enough to seize control and front...
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OSU National Champ + Jags Michael Bennett Joins the Show

OSU’s — excuse me — THE Ohio State University’s DT Michael Bennett was drafted in the sixth round of the 2015 draft by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Bennett joined the ladies of Helmets and Heels live at Whiskey Jax alongside THE Jax Buckeyes Club to talk...
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How to create stadium seating in your home

For sports fans who prefer a slightly different take on furniture, try out this DIY collectible stadium seats frame designed for the home. When the Jaguars constructed the world’s largest scoreboards back in 2014, hundreds of seats were removed in order to make...
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This bachelorette party interrupted a live Olympics Broadcast in Rio

For me, this offseason has been the summer of bachelorette parties. As I await my final destination in Vegas over Labor Day weekend, I got a huge kick out of seeing the women in Rio celebrating a bride-to-be exactly the same as we do in the States. Only they got to do...
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If your significant other is kicked out of a game, do you follow?

A Giants fan was ejected for interfering with a fair ball. And his disappointed girlfriend followed him. Would you do the same or stay the watch the game? Helmets and Heels debate in this show. Earlier this year, a couple attended the game between the Arizona...
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My cameo in the NFL’s ‘Home Sweet Home’ commercial with Shad Khan

About a month ago, fellow Jaguars fan John Caputo asked if I would be interested in filming a commercial at EverBank Field with the owner, Shad Khan. Obviously I jumped at the opportunity and asked my friend Bri to come along for the ride. Little did I know it would...
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This Redsox fan thinks the Yankees are being petty with Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez has been the butt of everyone’s steroid jokes for years. But as a Redsox fan, I think the Yankees are doing him dirty. Aaron Boone’s homerun off Tim Wakefield in the bottom of the 11th in the 2003 ALCS would still haunt the minds of Redsox...
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Girl double fists pizza on kiss-cam and becomes the hero we all deserve

The usefulness of the kiss-cam is often a debate among sports fans. But after watching this girl double fist pizza on the kiss cam during last night’s Hawks/Celtics game, we have a whole new appreciation for America’s favorite delicacy. During Monday...
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