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This baseball team for the blind Will Truly Inspire You

Beep Baseball is a sport that has revolutionized the game of baseball for the visually impaired and blind. And is probably the best story you’ll read today.

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Hockey News: Canadiens, Bruins head coaching drama, Sid gets to 1,000 points, Jaromir Jagr doesn’t age and more

Canadiens’ latest head coach drama with the Bruins, major point milestones for Sidney Crosby and Jaromir Jagr, the looming Trade Deadline, and Gustav Nyquist’s rogue hockey stick.

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How Disney used recycled scenes for movies like ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Beauty and The Beast’

In the early days, footage from Disney’s hand-drawn classics were reused in other movies to help speed up the production. Can you spot the recycled scenes?

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Five Ways the NHL Can Make the Hockey World a Better Place

Mid-February means the NHL’s ‘Hockey is for Everyone’ campaign is in full swing. But what other areas can the NHL help to make their league more inclusive?

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Hockey News Roundup: Pizza Toppings, Fatima Al Ali visits the Caps, ‘Hockey is for Everyone’ campaign and more

Times are tough lately, especially if you’re not a Patriots fan, so let hockey be your light in the darkness. This week’s news roundup covers your three most star-worthy players, some of the good stuff going on during Hockey is for Everyone month, the inspiring UAE hockey player Fatima Al Ali’s visit with the Washington Capitals, and pizza. You can’t go wrong with pizza (unless you’re Tyler Seguin).

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GuysGirl Offseason Plans: Because the Super Bowl hangover is real

Some people hate that football season is over. But not me. Here’s a recap of all things Super Bowl plus what we planned to entertain you during the offseason.

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10 Fun Prop Bets You Can Place On the Super Bowl This Weekend

We’ve told you about food and beer you should be enjoying. But what about weird prop bets for Super Bowl LI? Let’s check out the weird things you can bet.

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Beers, carbs and everything else you need to know for Super Bowl LI

Blythe is live from ‘Really Good Beer Stop’ in Jax Beach to talk about the most searched Super Bowl LI foods and which craft beers pair well with them.

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NHL’s Three Stars of the Week, Henrik Sedin Hits 1000 Points and Pop Music is Hockey Music

You owe it to yourselves to tune into the All-Star Game this weekend. It’s gonna be ridiculous. In a good way? That remains to be seen. In the meantime, enjoy your stars of the week, your Luongo/Sedin bromance, and – you guessed it – a little more All-Star Game news.

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NFL Conference Championship games, new Power Rangers movie, Game of Thrones szn 6 recap

We only have three more football games left in the 2016 season. Let’s preview the AFC and NFC championship games, talk commercials during games, weird internet stories, new trailers for ‘Logan’ and another Power Rangers movie. Plus, I watched all 6 seasons of Game of Thrones in 17 days. Be sure to check out the end of the show where I talk about what a ride it’s been!

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